SPARKS COMPLETE CAR CARE wants you to know that your tires keep you on the road in all weather conditions and speeds. Realize that only a small part of each tire actually is doing all the work of keeping your ride on the road as you drive around NAPERVILLE, so it is critical that your tires are maintained properly for maximum safety and longevity. At SPARKS COMPLETE CAR CARE we offer a road hazard tire protection plan, for 36 months you can put your mind at ease knowing your tires are covered.

There is an incredible amount of technology in each of today’s tires especially when compared to the original solid rubber tires that were used on early vehicles. Belts of fiberglass, metal and other materials are weaved into the foundation of the tire. Then these and other structural elements are then basically pressure baked into a thick layer of rubber and synthetic materials. All this technology leads to a tire that can give you good traction in all weather conditions, a smooth ride, and last for thousands of miles if you just do a few basic items on a regular basis. We at SPARKS COMPLETE CAR CARE located in NAPERVILLE are here to help you get the maximum life out of your tires by performing these basic services whenever you visit our shop.

SPARKS COMPLETE CAR CARE knows tires are expensive, so we help you get the most mileage and life for your money from the tires that we sell. During each visit your vehicle has with us we will visibly inspect, check and adjust tire pressures to the manufacture’s specifications. Maintaining correct tire pressure is one of the most basic requirements for maintaining your tires. Tire pressures will normally fluctuate with the seasons that we have in NAPERVILLE.

The front tires on many vehicles do more “work” than the back tires due to steering, acceleration and braking. So, they wear more than the rear tires. SPARKS COMPLETE CAR CARE will recommend and rotate your tires as we see needed to spread the wear evenly over all four tires. Additionally, we use some of the best equipment to mount and balance your tires initially and will recommend and perform a four-wheel alignment as needed so to get maximum life out of your tire investment.

Our optional 36 month tire protection plan is an easy way to ensure you get the most out of your vehicles new tires. The road hazard tire protection plan includes 100% tire replacement the first year, 50% tire replacement the second year, and 25% tire replacement for the third year. This way whatever may happen to your new tires, you can relax knowing SPARKS COMPLETE CAR CARE has you covered.


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