Belts and Hoses


Your vehicle's engine may be equipped with a single serpentine belt or multiple belts, depending on its make and model. These belts loop around pulleys to transfer rotational energy to various engine accessories. They are responsible for driving components such as the alternator, water pump, air conditioning, power steering, and even power brakes in larger vehicles.

Regularly inspect your belts and hoses

In the case of a serpentine belt, its failure can lead to overheating or a rapid loss of electrical power, potentially leaving you stranded. Rubber compounds are commonly used in belt manufacturing, and over time, they can stretch, crack, or become damaged due to exposure to chemicals. It is crucial to inspect your belts during each service opportunity to ensure the continued effectiveness of all engine systems reliant on them.

Proper maintenance for reliable operation

Maintaining your vehicle's belts and hoses is essential to ensure smooth operation and reliability. This includes regular inspections, replacement of worn or damaged components, and using the appropriate fluids and lubricants.

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