Tire Pressure Monitoring System


A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires of various vehicles. These systems are typically battery-operated and can transmit tire pressure information to a dashboard or other display within the vehicle.


These systems gained popularity following the well-known "Firestone Tire/Ford Explorer" accident, where a significant number of Ford Explorers were involved in single-car accidents. Further investigation revealed that many SUV owners were neglecting to check and maintain proper tire inflation. As a result, some governments started mandating the installation of tire pressure monitors in vehicles. By 2007, all new vehicles were required to have a tire pressure monitoring system that provided pressure information to the driver.

These systems are also utilized in large trucks, SUVs, and even larger recreational vehicles. Additionally, aftermarket TPMS options are available, offering additional features beyond factory systems.

Tire sealants

When using tire sealants, owners must exercise caution as not all sealants are compatible with TPMS sensors. In most cases, a sealant-covered TPMS sensor should be replaced with a new unit, although sometimes the sealant can be removed.

A properly functioning TPMS can provide several benefits for your vehicle, including improved fuel mileage, increased safety, extended tire life, and reduced downtime resulting from improper maintenance.

If one wheel consistently shows lower pressure or if you notice any other signs of TPMS system malfunction, please contact us. We will examine the issue and inform you of the necessary steps for proper operation. Whether it involves a sensor, display, or any other component, we understand the importance of ensuring your vehicle's safety and proper tire pressure.

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