Oil Changes


An oil change is like giving your vehicle a fresh lease on life. Over time, the chemical properties of oil can deteriorate, leading to reduced corrosion protection and lubrication in your engine. Additionally, dust and dirt can make their way into the crankcase, underscoring the importance of regular oil changes and replacement of the filter to ensure the longevity of your car or truck.

Following the maintenance schedule

Your vehicle's manufacturer establishes a maintenance schedule based on average usage and conditions. We can help you stay on track with this maintenance plan or, if necessary, advise you on more frequent oil changes. Clean oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and regular changes will promote a long and trouble-free service life.

Between changes, it's important to check your oil regularly for leaks or any abnormalities. If the oil level is low, only use synthetic motor oil as specified in your owner's manual. If the oil appears milky or whitish in color, refrain from driving the car and bring it in immediately, as this could be an indication of imminent severe engine damage.

Prolonging the life of your vehicle

Using synthetic oil is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of your vehicle. Synthetic oil resists contamination and suspends dirt particles, allowing them to be captured by the oil filter. This minimizes wear on engine components and helps them last longer.

During each oil change, we'll also inspect your other fluids and filters and ensure proper lubrication of your suspension components. While some parts come pre-lubricated from the manufacturer, others may require periodic application of the appropriate lubricant to ensure longevity. When it comes to your suspension parts, grease is essential!

To achieve optimal results, consult with us about a maintenance schedule tailored to your vehicle. Through regular scheduled maintenance, we can keep your vehicle within the manufacturer's recommendations and proactively identify any impending service issues. We're here to ensure your car remains safe and reliable for as long as you want to enjoy it!

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