Exhaust and Emissions


As emissions standards become stricter, many states now require regular emission tests, typically conducted annually or biannually. These tests, known as inspection/maintenance (I/M), SMOG, or OBD-II emission testing, serve to assess the vehicle's compliance with emission regulations. They may involve visual inspections of specific emission-control systems, measuring tailpipe emissions at designated engine speeds or while the vehicle runs on a dynamometer, or using a scan tool to verify the proper operation of the emission system in 1996 and newer vehicles. A poorly maintained emission system can lead to test failures, decreased fuel efficiency, and other issues.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the following symptoms, contact SPARKS Complete Car Care immediately:

  • Misfire, pulsation, or jerking that varies with engine speed.
  • The exhaust produces a continuous sputtering sound at idle or low speed.
  • You notice a foul smell emanating from your vehicle.

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