Hard Starting


To ensure reliable starting of your vehicle, regular maintenance is crucial. There are several systems involved, as well as various components that need attention. That's why regular maintenance is essential.

Firstly, the proper functioning of various electrical components is necessary for successful starting. A well-charged battery is required to power the starter. The battery also supplies voltage to the ignition coil(s) and the fuel pump and fuel injection system. Additionally, the spark plugs need to be clean and have the correct "gap" to ignite the fuel in the cylinder.

As you can see, the electrical system, fuel system, and other sub-systems must work together harmoniously to enable proper starting. This is why regular maintenance is vital for the reliability and longevity of your vehicle.

Experiencing difficulty starting your vehicle?

If your vehicle fails to "turn over," the first aspect to examine is the electrical system. If it does turn over but fails to "fire," the issue could be related to the fuel management, ECM, ignition coil(s), or other electrical components. Only a comprehensive inspection will reveal the root cause.

Many times, resolving the problems that make your vehicle difficult to start will also address other performance issues. Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle in for diagnosis and necessary repairs to restore its optimal performance. You'll be glad you did!

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