Check Engine Light


The "Check Engine Light" in your vehicle serves as a warning that receives information from a sensor connected to the engine control module (ECM). It can indicate the need for maintenance or alert you to a potential major component failure.

Each sensor connected to the ECM registers a specific code that informs technicians about the nature of the item requiring service or replacement. While reading these codes is a straightforward process, it requires expensive equipment and years of experience to accurately diagnose the underlying issue.

Preventing serious damage

In some cases, if the faulty part or system has the potential to cause significant and costly damage, the ECM may activate a "self-preservation" mode, limiting power and potentially triggering other alarms, such as a flashing check engine light. If this occurs in your vehicle, it is crucial to have it inspected immediately to prevent serious damage.

Don't overlook minor issues

However, it is important not to dismiss less severe instances of the check engine light. Often, a sensor will detect a minor problem before it escalates into a major issue. It is always advisable to address the warning light when it illuminates.

Our advice is simple: when your vehicle prompts you to "Check, please," it's time to schedule a reservation with us!

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